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Seven years ago, it was our honor to announce the creation of Derek Prince Legacy Radio. Now, we're proud to introduce a new, 15 minute version.

Derek Prince Legacy Radio adds a 15 Minute version

Seven years ago, it was our honor to announce the creation of Derek Prince Legacy Radio. Then, as now, we were honored to be working with Derek Prince Ministries and grateful to be part of the creation of this expanded radio initiative. The Derek Prince Legacy Radio program hosted by New York Times best-selling author Stephen Mansfield continues to bring fresh, relevant teaching designed to meet the needs of this generation.

In response to station requests, Derek Prince Ministries commissioned the launch of a 15 minute version. Audio Aviators® now produces and distributes both 30 and 15 minute versions of this daily radio program. Drawing from the huge archive of Derek Prince’s teaching, Derek Prince Legacy Radio presents timeless truths with cutting-edge insights from Stephen Mansfield. As one of the nation’s most sought after commentators and lecturers on matters of faith, politics, and American culture, and author of Derek’s biography, Mansfield is the perfect commentator for Derek’s teachings. The broadcasts also provide an opportunity to share the stories of God’s impact upon the lives of people like you and me.

Derek Prince, who passed away in September of 2003 at the age of 88, led a long, extraordinary life of teaching, encouraging and hands-on ministry around the world. The practical, biblical truths he lived and taught so well will continue to touch countless lives and make a difference in this and generations to come.

“Carry On” was Derek Prince’s parting instruction to his family and ministry staff…and so they are.


Listen to the 15 Minute Version:

DPLR – 15 Minute VersionDPLR – 15 Minute Version


Listen to the 30 Minute Version:

DPLR – 30 Minute VersionDPLR – 30 Minute Version


Both versions are available on a revenue share basis. To find out how to carry either version exclusively on your station, contact Jon Simpson by clicking here or at 800.460.8541, extension 103.


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