The Sitting Room

Welcome to a place where everyone enters with acceptance and leaves with a voice.

We’re very pleased to be part of the team that helped to develop a new, weekend program, “The Sitting Room with Kathy Chiero.” Designed for women, the idea for this program actually began in the heart of its host Kathy Chiero many years ago.


Raised in a Christian home, a veteran of Christian media ministry and a successful real estate sales entrepreneur, Kathy discovered early on that life doesn’t always turn out as promised. It’s far more likely to be a challenging journey with pressures that seemingly linger forever.


It’s inside “The Sitting Room” that radio audiences will discover a safe place to talk, listen and laugh with each other. A place where the conversation is always direct and lively, but never insincere or predictable. In “The Sitting Room” you’ll find an exciting place to talk out new solutions to everyday problems and an encouraging place that can help you on your journey… no matter where life has taken you.

Give a Listen


The show’s name came from Kathy’s real estate career. While showing houses, Kathy began noticing that many homes had a room that was always perfect, clean, and unused. When asked, most homeowners called this special room, “the sitting room.” It’s a place for meeting with friends and having quiet conversation. A place of non-judgment where everyone enters with complete acceptance and leaves with greater understanding. How often is this special space used? Sadly, almost never… We’re too busy to stop and listen.


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Friday August 1 2014 at 7:01

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