Voice Overs & Narration

Sure, this may seem pretty straight-forward, but we know that when you need a voice on a project, that voice must bring your project to life. Simply put: To get noticed… get animated! We’ll find the perfect voice to do just that for you.

Voice Overs


Program Production

Programming has broken the over-the-air-only sound barrier. Your content must skillfully navigate the medium that best accesses your audience. Short-form, long-form, studio, location, live or produced… we’ll get you there!



Targeted Production

From spots to audio books to video sound tracks, every focused project we do is done with one thing in mind: effectiveness. Strategy, creativity and efficacy. We are ready to help you reach your audience.



Media Placement

Finding the right outlet for your production takes experience. The right place at the right time for the right price. Then, you’ll need to know that the station or online venue is working for you. Let us help you deliver your message to the audience that will bring you positive results.